Monday, February 25, 2013

Twelve years and peddling

Yesterday marked twelve years my husband, David, and I have been married. David's first marriage and my second. Twelve years ago, David not only married me, he became the instant father of two little boys. My oldest two sons, who are now 24 and 21, were 10 and 7 when they met their "new" dad. With Lucas, the oldest, it was instant love. They went fishing together, they played football, basketball, and everything else together. Andrew, the younger of the two, was a much tougher egg to crack. He wasn't ready to make room in our home, or our lives for anyone else. Needless to say, we muddled through many rough, tough, ugly, funny, tearful, times and became a family. Shortly after everything began to feel normal again, along came Connor. Connor is David’s only biological son and my third. Lucas was thirteen and Andrew ten, the day Connor made his entrance into the world. It was instant love for the three brothers. Andrew did have a few issues with not being the baby after ten years, but he loved his baby brother. Lucas and Andrew have their own lives now. They come in and out of ours at their convenience, as most young adult do, but Connor misses them so. He does remember a time when the three of them sat at the breakfast table every school morning, as well as the supper table every night. He remembers watching them play video games and telling on them for saying bad words. He feels he has become an only child with one mother and three fathers. But he is okay with that. He is relishes any time spent with his brothers. Twelve years went by in a minute and that scares me to death. The boys grew and continue to grow without a pause button. David and I have noticed wrinkles and graying hair, a little thickness through the middle, and that we both are a little mellower. The most important lesson I have learned from life, I did not learn in college, I did not learn from my parents, I have not learned from teaching school; I have learned life’s most important lessons through my relationships with other people. First, my relationship with my husband; secondly, my very different relationships with my boys; and lastly, my relationship with everyone else in the world, because truly that is all we have. Please don’t misunderstand, there are some very important people who fit into the “everyone” else category, and many of those people I treasure in my life, but they did put the nails my walls. They may have helped lay a little foundation along the way, but my husband and children helped me build my world as I know it today. Let me not leave out the man upstairs. My gracious, most giving God. He keeps the walls up and the foundation solid. He is a miracle worker, and my savior. He accepts me as I am – thank goodness. I sometimes laugh with him and think….oh well; you created me and said I could not be perfect, so this is what we get. Yes, I speak out of turn (lots), and things that should stay in my thoughts escape from my mouth at inappropriate times (lots), but that is who I am. David, thank you for loving me and my two little boys when you could have turned away and never looked back. Lucas and Andrew, thank you for loving me through all of the mistakes I made when it was just the three of us; also, the plenty I have made since. Connor thank you for loving us unconditionally and completely, regardless of what you have endured in a home of many differences. God, thank you for my wonderful foundation, walls, and roof; also, for all the others that helped lay that foundation. I am extremely excited about the next twelve years. Who knows, I might become a grandmother, but only when the time is right and that is not right now! S

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